Retreats and Gatherings 

November 6-9: New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care and Garrison Institute: Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium

November 21-23: Tara Goleman and Daniel Goleman with Bob Sadowski and Aaron Wolf: Chemistry of Connection

December 12-14: Healing Ourselves, Our Schools, and Our Communities: Equity, Contemplative Education and Transformation

January 9-11, 2015: Heal Thyself: A Mindfulness Weekend for Health Care Practitioners with Dr. Mark Bertin

February 13-15: Sharon Salzberg, Ali Smith and Atman Smith: Health and Healing: Contemplative Care for Caregivers

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News & Blog Headlines

Zalman Schachter ShalomiRemembering Garrison Institute Spiritual Adviser Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi 1924 - 2014


Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi Remembered by Rabbi Rachel B. Cowan

Reuters, November 10: Meeting encourages more comprehensive end-of-life care by Randi Belisomo

WhyDev, October 30: Resilience: Moving the focus from our projects to our selves by Amanda Scothern

LinkedIn, October 16: The Chemistry of Connection by Daniel Goleman

Inhabitat, September 15: The Well Behaved Building by Laura Mordas-Schenkein

Chronogram, September 1: The Mindful Classroom by Anne Pyburn Craig

Los Angeles Times, July 18: Psychotherapist borrows horse sense for book on human behavior by Perry Garfinkel





Contemplative Teaching and Learning

Contemplative Teaching and Learning
introduces contemplative techniques to educators to enhance their well-being and help them create school environments that support children emotionally, socially and academically. Dec. 12-14: Healing Ourselves, Our Schools, and Our Communities - Equity, Contemplative Education and Transformation

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Climate, Mind and Behavior

The Climate, Mind and Behavior (CMB) program connects new insights from cognitive, social and behavioral sciences about the drivers of human behavior with new thinking about climate, energy and sustainability solutions. In 2014: Climate, Buildings and Behavior Symposium, Oct. 8-10. See videos: 2013 Climate, Mind and Behavior and Climate, Cities and Behavior symposia.

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Transforming Trauma

Transforming Trauma works to understand the factors contributing to resilience, and how they can be trained and sustained. November 6-9: Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium: Communication and the Interpersonal Relationship within Palliative and End of Life Care. Registration is now open.


"The capability of human life is beyond our imagination. What counts is the
human capacity to investigate and transform our own mind and the world around us
in a powerful and positive direction."  – Gelek Rimpoche