Retreats and Gatherings

February 13-15:
 Sharon Salzberg, Ali Smith and Atman Smith: Health and Healing: Contemplative Care for Caregivers

February 20 - 22: Bob Doppelt: The Leadership and Resilience Workshop

February 27- March 1: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: Enlightened Leadership: Becoming a Force for Positive Change

April 9 - 12: Madeline Klyne, La Sarmiento, Eric Kolvig, PhD, and Jacoby Ballard: Embodying Presence in Our Lives: A Mindfulness Meditation Weekend for LGBTIQ Communities

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Health Healing
Bob Doppelt Feature B

News & Blog Headlines

The Caregiver’s Voice, January 20, 2015: Caring for Caregivers Retreat by Sharon Salzberg

The Huffington Post, January 16, 2015: Being Mindful About Mindfulness by Robyn Brentano

MindBodyGreen, January 15, 2015: Caring For Others Is Hard Work. What Are You Going to Do About It? by Ali Smith

The Resource Innovation Group, January 13, 2015: The Urgent Need to Build Transformational Resilience by Bob Doppelt

Sharon Salzberg's blog, January 7, 2015: Meditation: The Key to Resilience in Caregiving by Sharon Salzberg

Chronogram, January 1: Daring to Be Silent by Wendy Kagan

PlainViews, December 17: National Symposium on Care for Those Involved in End-of- Life Care Draws Full House

Reuters, November 10: Meeting encourages more comprehensive end-of-life care by Randi Belisomo

WhyDev, October 30: Resilience: Moving the focus from our projects to our selves by Amanda Scothern

Contemplative Teaching and Learning

CARE for Teachers is a unique professional development program that helps teachers handle the stresses and rediscover the joys of teaching.

The program offers teachers tools and resources for reducing stress, preventing burnout, and re-invigorating their classrooms. 

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Climate, Mind and Behavior

The Climate, Mind and Behavior (CMB) program connects new insights from cognitive, social and behavioral sciences about the drivers of human behavior with new thinking about climate, energy and sustainability solutions. In 2014: Climate, Buildings and Behavior Symposium, Oct. 8-10. See videos: 2013 Climate, Mind and Behavior and Climate, Cities and Behavior symposia.

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The CBR Project

The CBR Project fosters resilience among humanitarian aid professionals by giving them the tools they need to remain strong and thrive in their life and work. 

"The capability of human life is beyond our imagination. What counts is the
human capacity to investigate and transform our own mind and the world around us
in a powerful and positive direction."  – Gelek Rimpoche